About Us

BaR Web Design was founded to help the many small businesses that want to grow their online presence and have a website and content they are proud to share. Small businesses are professional, but their websites are not. With a limited business budget, many business owners cannot afford, or have trouble justifying the $10,000+ price tag for a fully customized, professional website. Some website design companies targeting small businesses make it much more reasonable, only charging $1,000-2,000 to build and install a partially customized website. These options make sense for many businesses, and the value that these companies provide usually far outweigh the costs. However, there are still many business owners and start-up businesses that have needs and budgets that fall well below the services that are offered by the vast majority of web design and marketing companies.

We put your needs first. We are here to help!

The Founders

Josh Robinson and Ben Burton came together to with the vision of developing an innovative design process that can bring content-rich websites to medium and small service-based businesses at an affordable cost. This dynamic duo hosts a collective 30+ years of experience in the computer technology and design industries. They boast real-world experience, solving real-world problems for not only small businesses but also Fortune 500 companies and various government agencies.